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Printing i Skåne

Fast and secure production

About us

Printing i Skåne was founded in 2022. We listen to your needs and wishes of material. No matter if it’s stickers, brochures, flyers, posters, decals, roll-ups, stationary or id-cards. Rapid and safe production.  We are situated in Krinova Park amongst other companies. 

We offer you a warm welcome to Printing i Skåne.   

Our services


Plastic cards and ID-cards with print

We make plastic cards and ID-cards with own print, with round corners. Plastic cards is for instance very efficient for marketing! Buy our plastic cards today!


Student badge

Is it time for the student? Do you need a student ID?

We manufacture functional student signs in good quality. The print on the student badges is personally designed to match your wishes. The student sign can also be detached from the stick so that you can hang the student sign on the wall as a memento.


Stickers or decals which can be used for

  • Windows. Are you interested in window stickers? We make different types of window stickers in different sizes and materials according to your needs.
  • Doors
  • Cars etc. We manufacture car stickers in various sizes, colors and shapes. The car stickers are designed to withstand Swedish weather conditions.

Paper printing

Which can be used for:

  • Advertising
  • Menu. Are you in need of menus? We make menus in different types of materials, colors, sizes, flat menus and menus with C-folding.
  • Flyer
  • Brochures
  • Coupons
  • Sedcards
  • Large leaflets, in different materials for different purpose


Large leaflets, in different materials for different purposes


Roll- ups

We manufacture roll-ups according to your needs! It consists of a rolled-up image in a cassette. The roll is tensioned so that the image is always nice and smooth when it is pulled up. A collapsible stick is delivered together with the roll-up. It is placed down there on the back of the roll-up. When you pull up the image float, you then place it at the top of the stick. Assembling the roll-up is quick and easy, and only takes about 20 seconds.


Advertising fair table

Exhibition tables are very practical and commonly used at events and fairs. On the table you can place give-aways, brochures or display your products!



Pens, mugs, t-shirts, glasses, caps, bags, plates

Contact us

Stridsvagnsvägen 14, 291 39 Kristianstad, Sweden